Banana Blossom Bistro Set to Open in February

Courtesy of Banana Blossom Bistro.

Upscale fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant Banana Blossom Bistro is set to open soon in downtown Riverdale Park.

Marketing Events Manager of Banana Blossom Bistro, Sasha Racherbaumer, told the Hyattsville Wire that they don’t have a firm opening date yet, but that they are hoping to open as early as February.

The 46-seat restaurant (with outdoor seating planned as well) would be a new anchor for Riverdale Park’s historic downtown, just blocks off Route 1.

Located right off the Trolley Trail, the restaurant would be near the Bikram Yoga studio, the Town Center Market and the upcoming Riviera Tapas and just around the corner from the thriving Riverdale Park Station.

The area has a lot of potential — with one landowner looking to sell a chunk of land nearby — but it might take some hip new restaurants to get people to turn off Route 1.

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