Greenbelt Theatre Announces Family Film Lineup

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The Old Greenbelt Theatre’s new lineup of family movies is a mix of crowdpleasers, both old and new.

The nonprofit arthouse theater will hold regularly scheduled viewings of family-friendly movies under its newly renamed OGT Kids program. Movies are shown on Saturdays at 11 a.m.

The movie lineup is as follows:

Jan. 12: “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.” The 1985 classic filmed by Tim Burton features Pee-Wee Herman on a road trip to reclaim his stolen bike.

Jan. 26: “The 20th Annual Animation Show of Shows.” A collection of animated shorts from around the world.

Feb. 2: “The Secret of NIMH.” The 1982 Don Bluth cartoon, based on the children’s book about super-intelligent rats.

Feb. 16: “Ernest & Cel├ęstine.” A 2014 French cartoon about the unlikely friendship between a mouse and a bear.

March 2: “Born Free.” The 1966 live-action movie about a British couple who taught a lion to live in the wild.

March 30: “Mirai.” Japanese animator Mamoru Hosoda’s final film centers on a girl who can time travel.

April 13: “Jumanji.” The 1995 version of the children’s book about a board game that comes to life, starring Robin Williams.

May 11: “Song of the Sea.” The creators of “The Secret of the Kells” follow-up centers on the Irish legend of the Selkies.

May 25: “The Last Unicorn.” The 1982 Rankin & Bass animated musical about a clumsy sorcerer helping save the unicorns.

Adult tickets are $9 and kids’ are $6 and kids are free if you become an annual member of the Old Greenbelt Theatre.

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