Inside College Park’s Peg Leg Vintage Store

When her husband was in the Navy, Krisi Hora moved every two or three years. Each time, she would buy and sell their furniture on the side.

Once Chad Hora left the military, the couple decided to do it full time.

For the past six years, they’ve run Peg Leg Vintage at 9600 Baltimore Ave. in College Park, selling “mid-century modern” furniture and home decor made from the 1940s to the 1970s. If it looks like it would be at home on “Mad Men,” they probably have it.

Hora, who has a background in interior design, says that furniture at the time was designed to be reupholstered, so it’s fairly straightforward for her to do it now. Plus, it’s more environmentally sound than today’s more disposable furniture.

“People bought one house, and they bought furniture for it that would last,” she said.

Most of the store’s inventory comes from estates sales and auctions, though they do some trades and have been known to buy particularly interesting pieces off of walk-ins. Over the years, that’s led to some interesting items, like a taxidermied caribou and vintage medical equipment.

A lot of customers stop by after shopping up the street at IKEA or Behnke’s Nursery, and Peg Leg has acquired a cult status among D.C.’s savvier designers, who keep tabs on new items on the store’s website and Facebook page.

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2 Responses to Inside College Park’s Peg Leg Vintage Store

  1. Loretta says:

    Bought our gorgeous dining room table here. Loved working with Kristi and Chad.

  2. Michele Pintur says:

    Half the futurefur in oro house is from Peg Leg!! Love them so much!!!!!

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