College Park Considers Apartments, Townhomes

A well-known developer has proposed new apartments and townhomes for graduate students on a 17-acre site just on the border of College Park.

Rhode Island-based Gilbane Development Co., which is also building the Riverfront at West Hyattsville and another project by the College Park Metro station, is behind the proposal.

Like those two developments, the Western Gateway project would be near mass transit, in this case a stop on the upcoming Purple Line.

The 17-acre project would include 300 apartments aimed at graduate students, 81 townhomes, shops and green space, according to a recent report in the Diamondback.

The land is on unincorporated properties just outside current city limits, behind the Domain College Park, near the roundabout on Campus Drive. It would need to be annexed by the city for the project to move ahead.

The proposal is just the latest sign of how much College Park could grow in the next few years, due to investments by the University of Maryland and construction of the Purple Line.

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4 Responses to College Park Considers Apartments, Townhomes

  1. adelphi_Sky says:

    That’s a silly place for a town homes. They should build single family homes. Singly family homes would sell in a flash being so close to Riverdale Park Station. Keep town homes on the other side of the fence.

    If they built a single family homes. I would buy one in a heartbeat. There’s still a market for SFH in the area. Especially within walking distance to WF.

  2. Jax_Pacific says:

    This location is not walking distance to Whole Foods, it’s near Campus Dr and the campus religious institutions. An apartment building with ground floor retail was conducted in that area a few years ago

  3. Kimberly Nugent says:

    In response to the comment about needing single family homes, there is a lovely new street, Howard Lane, in Old Town College Park that is walking distance to CP Metro and close to WF. Lots are being sold for new construction of single family homes.

  4. Costello DiGrassi says:

    How about some new housing built with handicapped access and income related rent for the people who already reside in College Park? As Attick Towers is a government run drug house and morgue!

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