Fresh Bubble Tea Now at Banana Blossom Bistro

As part of the rollout of its menu, Banana Blossom Bistro’s bubble tea station is now open, and its drinks are made using all fresh ingredients.

Marketing Events Manager Sasha Racherbaumer told the Hyattsville Wire that the upscale fast casual Vietnamese restaurant’s boba tea-slash-coffee bar is officially up and running.

The restaurant has the usual staples: jasmine milk tea, peach green tea, and Thai iced tea. A seasonal drink menu is also planned, and you can ask for boba to be added to any of their fruit smoothies.

Bananas Blossom Bistro’s bubble teas are handmade with fresh lose leaf black and jasmine tea brewed daily using fresh milk including almond and coconut milk. They even make their own natural sweeteners in-house, using 100 percent fruit purees to flavor their drinks and real fruit in their smoothies. Unlike some other bubble teas, no powdered mixes, artificial sugars or creamers are used.

But while bubble tea has been a staple of College Park’s scene for a while, thanks in part to its popularity with University of Maryland students, it’s a step forward to find it in downtown Riverdale Park.

Along with nearby Riviera Tapas, the expanded Town Center Market, the bikram yoga studio and an upcoming coffee shop, Banana Blossom Bistro’s offerings are signs that Riverdale Park is starting to change.

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