New Board Game Inspired by Lake Artemesia

Courtesy of Stonemaier Games

The Route 1 corridor is an excellent area for birding, so it makes sense that game designer with local ties is behind a new board game based on it.

Former health care policy consultant Elizabeth Hargrave designed Wingspan, a card-driven board game recently launched by Stonemaier Games.

Players compete to develop the best habitat for a wide variety of birds by getting food tokens and laying miniature eggs.

The game is backed by science, with cards giving detailed information about the birds and the values assigned to different actions based on real-world data on birds. (Endangered species are worth more, for example.)

Hargrave, who lives in Silver Spring, is an avid birder who likes to take her guidebooks to Lake Artemesia. Her personal charts about different birds she’d spotted were the inspiration for the game, which has already drawn the attention of the New York Times.

It’s not her only game, either. She’s also designed a game about Victorian names for flowers and an upcoming game about butterflies.

Wingspan is designed for one to five players, ages 10 and up. You can buy it from Stonemaier directly here or online from Amazon.

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4 Responses to New Board Game Inspired by Lake Artemesia

  1. James Groff says:

    Can you double check title? Ot articles have reported that Elizabeth Hargrave as a resident of Silver Spring.

  2. Could you put me in touch with Ms. Hargrave. I would love to do an event for this game at My Dead Aunt’s Books and also stock it.

  3. Robert, please send us an email and we can try to put you in touch!

  4. The post has been updated.

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