Route 1 Corridor’s Very Own All-Natural Popcorn

After contracting tuberculosis while serving in the military overseas, Edmonston resident Renette Dallas became focused on her own health.

Switching careers from civil engineering, she studied naturopathy, became a personal trainer and created her own brand of all-natural popcorn as a healthy snack.

True Pop Popcorn is made with non-GMO corn from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, though the distributing company, Life by Dallas, is based in Edmonston, where Dallas has lived since getting a degree at the University of Maryland.

The popcorn is lightly sprayed with sunflower oil and flavored with nutritional yeast, sea salt and herbs. It is certified kosher, gluten-free and made without peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or soy.

Recently, Dallas was selected for WeWork’s Veterans in Residence program, and True Pop can be found for sale in the market at WeWork in College Park, D.C. and New York; at Whole Foods in Riverdale Park, Silver Spring and South Capitol; at The Glut co-op in Mount Rainier and at Wegmans in Lanham. You can also buy it online on Amazon and at

Although she’s sold the popcorn for years, Dallas said she’s currently in a growth phase, as highlighted by recent coverage from CNN’s Jake Tapper and Forbes magazine. True Pop will soon be sold at cafeterias at Fort Meade and the CIA.

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