See the Art for Riverdale Park’s Purple Line Stop

Courtesy of Mikyoung Kim

Riverdale Park’s upcoming Purple Line stop will include some dynamic public art.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has selected Boston artist Mikyoung Kim to build a series of interactive sculptures at the stop, which will be at the intersection of Riverdale Road and Kenilworth Avenue.

Taking advantage of the overhead rail line — the only point in Route 1 corridor communities that the transit system will be this high — Kim envisioned a grove of trees enhanced by vertical folded columns that double as seats at ground level.

“These stainless steel kinetic sculptures are triggered by engagement: when people sit in the folded seats, the columns will sway and reflect a play of colored lights above them,” she wrote in a project description. “The columns will stretch up into the overpass and taper off into a reflective cap, lit by LED lights, which will mimic light filtering through surrounding grove of trees.”

The public art is part of the agency’s broader effort to put public art at most of the Purple Line stops.

Mount Rainier artist Valerie Theberge, who you may know for her “Great Wave Off Anacostia” mural at the Melrose Skatepark in South Hyattsville, was also chosen to do a mural at the Beacon Heights station.

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  1. Essa says:

    Would be nice to know where the stop will be and what will be around it for more context.

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