Inside College Park’s New Lidl, Now Open

The new Lidl in College Park at 8601 Baltimore Ave. kicked off its grand opening today offering shoppers sample products and a free reusable bag.

For most of the day the store was packed with shoppers and the parking lot was busy with people coming and going.

As the latest grocery store addition to the Route 1 corridor, Lidl operates a little differently — charging $0.07 per brown bag and you have to bag your own groceries, but their prices are hard to beat, and that may have an effect beyond their doors.

As Food & Wine recently reported, “a just-released study out of the University of North Carolina shows that prices for key staples went down by as much as 55 percent in American markets where Lidl has already set up shop. That’s three times more, according to the study, than the effect seen when Walmart enters a new market. To call this kind of upheaval seismic is an understatement.”

Just maybe Lidl will have that kind of effect on the Route 1 corridor.

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