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Hyattsville Named Top D.C. Suburb in 1903

With all the new development along Route 1, the area has gained a reputation as a top D.C. suburb. But it’s not the first time. The Hyattsville Wire came across an interesting news clip from the Washington Times’ May 3, … Continue reading

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Relive the Streetcar Era Along Route 1

Long before there was Streetcar 82 Brewing Co, the 82 Streetcar Line used to take commuters and shoppers to and from Washington, D.C., at 5th & G, near what is now the Verizon Center, to towns along Route 1 including Eckington, Woodridge, Mt. … Continue reading

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The Ercoupe Flies Again at Riverdale Park

Route 1’s most famous airplane is flying again at Riverdale Park Station. The ERCO Ercoupe was manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation in Riverdale. Designed to be “the airplane that anyone could fly” and “the world’s safest plane,” it was … Continue reading

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An Office Building Gets New Life as Apartments

An office building at University Town Center will soon be reborn as apartments. Built in 1968, the 10-story building at 3700 East-West Highway is directly behind the new Safeway, around the corner from the movie theater and several restaurants, and … Continue reading

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University Park’s Secret Historic Cemetery

University Park has a Revolutionary War-era cemetery, but you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know about it. Hidden on a quiet residential street in the historic district of University Park is a small cemetery for members of the prominent Deakins … Continue reading

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Riverdale Park’s Historic Train Stop

You can credit the family that owned the Riversdale mansion for Riverdale Park’s historic train stop. At the turn of the 19th century, the Calvert family owned a 729-acre plantation north of Bladensburg, where they grew tobacco and other crops. The property … Continue reading

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Alchohol Fuels Once-Dry Hyattsville’s Rebirth

Hyattsville was once a dry town, a place where you couldn’t get anything stronger than a Coca-Cola at a soda shop on Baltimore Avenue. Things have changed, to say the least. The city’s code, updated in 1983, now allows liquor licenses, … Continue reading

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Meet Route 1’s Very Own Dinosaur

Route 1 has its own dinosaur, and there are several local sites where you can learn more. Astrodon johnstoni was a long-necked sauropod from the Early Cretaceous period which lived in Maryland about 112 million years ago. It looks a lot like … Continue reading

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A Historical Photo of the Singer Building

The Singer Building is getting ready for a renovation. Here’s a look at the historic Mount Rainier building in days gone by. The photo was taken on a glass negative and donated by Herbert A. French, owner of the National Photo … Continue reading

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A Famous Bob Dylan Song’s Hyattsville Ties

On Aug. 28, 1963, Bob Dylan was 22 years old and William Devereux Zantzinger was 24. A folk singer from New York, Dylan performed at the civil rights march on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” … Continue reading

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