Apartment Complex Near Hyattsville Metro Sold

Photo of Ager Road Station by Elvert Barnes http://bit.ly/Kugd9K

The apartment complex next to the West Hyattsville Metro station has new owners, and they plan $2.5 million in upgrades.

Chevy Chase-based Federal Capital Partners announced that it has bought the Ager Road Station apartments for $14.75 million.

The complex, soon to be renamed North Pointe, is made up of 19 brick buildings with 234 apartment units. TheĀ site has a playground and areas for volleyball and horse shoes and boasts of its extensive daffodil and tulip plantings.

A lot of areas around Metro stations are getting substantial new condos and apartments, but the changes FCP plans sound mostly cosmetic.

Rent at the apartments currently ranges from $900 to $1,200 a month.

Prince George’s County property tax records show the site is currently owned by Ager Road Station LLP, a limited partnership formed in 2001. Its assessed value is about $12 million.

Update: Hyattsville Patch editor Michael Theis has more on the current owners.

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  1. Jim Baxter says:

    Now if it had been Kirkwood, I would have been really excited. (I grew up there.)

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