Franklin’s Plans to Expand

Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery & General Store, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in Hyattsville, is planning to grow its retail an additional 800 sq ft. by occupying the empty space next door. The Hyattsville Wire caught up with owner Mike Franklin to learn more about the expansion.

“Franklin’s is bursting at the seams and we felt we could present things better if we had more space,” he said.

The general store will essentially expand its toy section to occupy the new space so there will be more toys and more of everything else. The new section will be accessed through the main entrance of the general store.

The look and feel of the expansion will be industrial with a very simple interior design and the original walls and cement floor will remain intact.

Franklin said the space was once occupied by a jeweler and a tailor but has been vacant for many years.

“We would love to carry more beer and toys and display them better. And on a Saturday night it won’t feel so crowded with more space.”

Construction is already underway and Franklin said the expansion should be completed sometime in February or March.

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