Show Your Hyattsville Pride

One way to show your civic pride is by what you wear.

But small towns like Hyattsville often don’t have a lot of locally created T-shirts and other apparel.

We at the Hyattsville Wire decided to remedy that with some fun new shirts and an awesome tote bag showcasing the design of our logo. If people are interested, we will add more merchandise and apparel in the coming months.

Shop now at

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4 Responses to Show Your Hyattsville Pride

  1. Jesse Clark says:

    I’m thinking that the Logo is really weak, as in not very compelling… Can’t we come up with something with a little more.. anything? That is just so “blah” – there is nothing going on… how boring can you get..? So many artists in this town, come on now…

  2. Like we said, it’s just a start. What image do you think would represent Hyattsville?


  3. Jim Groves says:

    It had to be what, 10 years ago that Hyattsville went through the process if coming up with a new logo? There were many, many variations. In fact, the header if the site was a parody of sorts on the logo because of the “hen” debate that was happening at the time.

  4. Jim Groves says:

    Haha. Try 4 years ago. How time doesn’t fly.

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