Spice 6’s Secret Menu


Spice 6 has a secret-menu item of its own: Vik’s hot sauce.

Named for restaurant owner Vik Singh, the sauce is a blend of Indian chili peppers, cooked Jalapenos, cayenne pepper, black pepper, dry ginger, sesame oil and the house spice mix.

As you can expect, it is pretty hot, which is why it’s not listed on the regular menu.

“The reactions are definitely mixed. We have customers who love the hot sauce and we have other customers who cannot handle it,” Singh explained in an email interview.

He recommends dipping the tip of your fork into the sauce at first to see how well you can handle it and then progressively adding more. You could also order a mango lassi to offset the heat, as Capitol Cooking’s Lauren DeSantis suggested after a recent visit.

On average, about 20 customers a day request the hot sauce, which is made in a big batch in house every two weeks.

The sauce was developed by Singh and the chefs out of a desire for “a spicier sauce that will not only be spicy, but be as flavorful,” he said.

For now, it’s the only unlisted menu item, but Singh said “stay tuned.”

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