Will the Saucer Be Saved?


Will the saucer at the Hyattsville Public Library be saved? We’ll soon hear what 10 architecture firms think should be done.

Prince George’s County is asking architects on contract to put together concept designs for the library, according to the Gazette:

At a community meeting in August 2013, architectural firm Beltsville-based Grimm + Parker announced plans to demolish the old library and replace it with a new, state-of-the-art facility.

“Right after that, the county … went back and decided to solicit other architects on the list to provide concepts for a proposal,” said Kathleen Teaze, director of the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System. “We’ve been waiting for a new architect since then.”

Sloan said Grimm + Parker will have an opportunity to submit a proposal along with other firms.

Given that public sentiment to save the saucer appears to be a key reason the firms were given a chance to submit, they’d be smart to include it in their plans.

We’d guess that most will propose a new building, keeping the saucer as a sort of giant objet d’art, but it will be interesting to see different ideas.

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