New Townhomes on Sale in Hyattsville

Hyattsville townhomes Ryan Homes East West Highway housing

New townhomes at Editor’s Park in Hyattsville.

Two new townhome developments are going on sale in the Hyattsville area.

Ryan Homes will soon begin selling four-level townhomes at Editor’s Park on East-West Highway near the Home Depot, while Stanley Martin will offer townhomes at Riverdale Park Station near the forthcoming Whole Foods.

The townhomes follow a trend started by the Arts District homes sold by EYA along Route 1, which sold out in 2014, though they take slightly different approaches.

Editor’s Park is more suburban feeling, an entirely residential area whose major selling point is that it’s within the crucial half-mile walking distance to the Prince George’s Metro station. The Mall at Prince George’s is across a busy four-lane highway bordered by a spacious parking lot, at least in its current iteration. Some commuters may stop by the Giant grocery store on the way home from work, but that’s about it.

Riverdale Park Station, by contrast, has more of an urban, walkable feel. Apart from the Whole Foods, which is more integrated into the community than Giant, the site plan includes space for restaurants, shops and a public “village green” that will be accessible. The townhomes will be a little more than a half-mile from the College Park Metro station (a future Purple Line stop), but the walk is entirely through leafy neighborhood streets.

Townhome projects like this make sense in both places, since they allow more people to walk to work, though both developments include first-floor garages. The future of Hyattsville is to become even more of a one-car kind of town.

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