The Roustabouts Release Their First Album

The Roustabouts blues band Hyattsville

Photo courtesy of the Roustabouts

After more than a decade playing gigs around the D.C. area, the Roustabouts have recorded an album.

The blues-and-roots band, which has ties to the Route 1 area, held a release party for “Plenty of Blues” at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt on Friday.

The album features 12 tracks, 11 of which are original, written by founding members Andrew Wiley and Pete Daniels, whom you may recognize from Hyattsville indie-rock band Blue Plains. It was recorded at Tommy Lepson’s Area 51 studio in College Park.

The band also features Jeff Mueller on bass, Dan Shine on guitar and Phil Bucci on drums, while Lepson played keyboard and Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks played harmonica on some recordings for the album.

“We really tried to spice things up and make the sound bigger than the live version of The Roustabouts,” Daniels told the Hyattsville Wire.

You can buy a CD or download the album by clicking on this link.

The Hyattsville Wire caught up with Daniels and asked him a few questions about the band:

How do you describe your music?

Good-time toe-tapping blues, blues-rock and funk. We keep it lively and interesting. When some people here “blues” they get a specific picture in their mind, but we break the mold quite a bit, in part because of the fiddle, which is an instrument you don’t typically hear in modern blues bands.

What is the local music scene like? Where are your favorite places to play?

Hyattsville has been great to us. We played Summer Jam for the fifth year in a row this year. We’ve played at PG Pool a number of times. Our favorite nearby venue is the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, which hosted our CD release party. Great people, great setup, great vibe in that place. Wish we had something like it in Hyattsville.

Who are your musical influences?

Lead singer Andrew Wiley and I got into the blues up in Syracuse New York where we both attended Syracuse University. We were lucky enough to make friends with some locals who knew the scene very well. You’ll see names like Phil Petroff, Tom Townsley, Colin Aberdeen and Roosevelt Dean in the “thank you” section of the album. All of those guys are Syracuse musicians.

There are of course many other influences. Contemporary blues artists like Chris Cain & Matt Schofield. Some funky influences like JJ Grey. Our bass player Jeff Mueller spent some time in New Orleans and brings his love of that region’s music to the table as well.

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