The Route 1 Corridor Puts a Bird on It

Route 1 Three Little Birds the Bird Nido nestEverywhere you look on Route 1, there are birds.

In the Woodridge neighborhood of D.C. along Rhode Island Avenue just south of Mount Rainier, there’s Nido, a Mediterranean small-plate restaurant named for the word for “nest” in Italian and Spanish, which has an avian motif interior decor.

Farther north in Mount Rainier, there’s Bird Kitchen + Cocktails, which also has a bird-themed logo and decor.

In the SoHy area of Hyattsville, there’s Three Little Birds Sewing, which ups the bird quotient in its logo; Tanglewood Works, which has a lot of bird-themed items for sale; and Green Owl Design, an interior design firm and boutique. There are also several bird-themed murals found along Route 1.

That’s not to mention the various bluebird statues put up throughout Hyattsville as part of a 2003 public art campaign, including the sheet-metal clad “Vainglorious” sculpture at Centennial Park, or the yellow-crowned night heron sculpture in University Park.

All of these birds bring to mind the famous “Portlandia” sketch: “Put a bird on it!”

But there may be something to it. Just as up-and-coming hip areas tend to have microbreweries and even distilleries, they also tend to have birds. As everyone from Salon to the Wall Street Journal has noted, birds have been a fashion motif, adorned wallets and prints and even survived the inevitable backlash.

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  1. Janet says:

    Also put up in the last few days (without any announcement!) a blue heron sculpture at the corner of route 1 and 410.

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