Target Gets Remodeled at Prince Georges Mall

The Target at the Mall at Prince Georges is getting an upgrade as part of a broad nationwide effort to return the brand to its funky roots.

Construction is already underway at the big box store, with the remodeling set to be finished sometime in April.

The main areas being affected are Home, Beauty, Apparel & Accessories, Customer Service, Electronics & Entertainment, according to a mall spokeswoman.

The remodeling is part of a broader effort by Target to recapture its brand identity as the “cheap chic” store whose customers jokingly pronounced it tar-jzhay.

After focusing on competing head-to-head with Walmart and other discount retailers during the recession, Target lost some of that mojo.

It’s now trying to get it back by offering more private label brands, like the funky Cat and Jack clothing line for kids; adding new delivery options (including at the Hyattsville mall); and spending millions to upgrade stores around the country.

The renovations will make each Target feel more like a department store, with a beauty area staffed by a specialist who can let you try out makeup before making a purchase, for example, instead of long, faceless rows.

“The goal of the remodels, according to the company, is to make each category of merchandise — be it electronics, home decor or grocery — feel like it’s housed within a separate ’boutique’ within Target,” noted CNBC recently.

Target has said it sees sales go up between 2 and 4 percent after a remodel.

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  1. Cd says:

    Target used to have a nice selection of men’s clothes. I would like to see them get back to that.

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