Route 1’s Newest Delicacy: Chun Bing

The search for the next big thing in fast-casual dining is bringing an ancient Chinese dish called chun bing to the Route 1 corridor.

College Park restaurateur Hua Wang — known for local favorite Northwest Chinese — recently opened CB Chinese Grill at 4370 Knox Rd., to specialize in what has been called “the Asian version of a Tex-Mex burrito.”

Building on the format of Chipotle, staffers build your chun bing to order, spooning fillings and sauce on top of a chewy house-made flour pancake. (You can also have your meal prepared as a rice bowl.)

Your protein options are shredded pork, sautéed lamb, braised beef, Sichuan pepper chicken and grilled beef sausage, while options include stir-fried eggplant, hot-and-sour shredded potatoes, a kind of Chinese sauerkraut and black bean sauce.

The menu also includes some Chinese dishes similar to what is offered at nearby Northwest Chinese, which was named Best Asian Restaurant in the 2018 Hyattsville Wire reader poll and is regularly cited by D.C. restaurant critics as a top “cheap eat” in the Route 1 corridor.

Although CB Chinese Grill has only been open a few months, it’s already attracted the attention of a restaurant critic at the Washington Post, who described the decor as “a rough draft of a restaurant” but praised the chun bing as a tasty and hearty option, especially for the “campus full of hungry students” nearby.

Even in College Park’s already diverse and interesting restaurant scene, CB Chinese Grill seems like a strong addition.

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