Lidl to Open in College Park in Mid to Late June

The long-awaited Lidl grocery store in College Park will open in mid to late June.

The German discount chain, pronounced leedle, which is making a major effort to move into East Coast markets this year, will open at the intersection of Route 1 and Berwyn Road, at 8601 Baltimore Ave., on the former site of the Clarion Inn.

As part of construction, the chain has added new streetlights, a wider sidewalk and a tile mural that says “Historic Berwyn” at the entrance.

A district manager at Lidl told the Hyattsville Wire that the interior of the store is mostly complete and staffers are stocking shelves and doing finishing touches, so the only delay would be permitting approval.

The grand opening, on a date that is not yet set, will include live music, opening day sales and all-ages activities.

The College Park location is one of one of 100 stores planned along the East Coast as part of an ambitious $1.6 billion expansion into the U.S. market.

beloved grocery chain in the vein of Trader Joe’s, Lidl is also expected to drive down prices in U.S. markets with its aggressive cost-cutting.

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