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The True Story of Bladensburg Coining ‘Cocktail’

This much we can say definitively: The word “cocktail” was not coined at 8:15 a.m. on April 17, 1846, at the old Palo Alto Hotel in Bladensburg. But you might not be faulted for believing that. Legendary Baltimore newspaperman H.L. Mencken, … Continue reading

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Why Hyattsville Used to Be a Dry Town

Hyattsville started out as a dry town in part because Bladensburg wasn’t. As we noted recently, Hyattsville’s rebirth is being fueled by craft breweries, sales of beer and wine and even a new distillery, meadery, and a Belgian-inspired brewery. But the backstory … Continue reading

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ECO City Farms Offers Winter Produce CSA

ECO City Farms is still offering sign-ups for its winter CSA through Thursday. With urban farms in Edmonston, and Bladensburg, the community-supported agriculture program grows vegetables without chemical fertilizers, chemical-based or non-organic treatments, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. All produce is Certified … Continue reading

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Bealltown on the Eastern Branch

Before there was Hyattsville, there was Bealltown. According to Kenny Hamill’s “The Place Names of Maryland,” the first town in the Hyattsville area was located along the Anacostia River. Citing a March 29, 1878, item in the Washington Star, Hamill writes … Continue reading

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Springfield vs. Shelbyville

Every Springfield must have its Shelbyville. Just as the fictional hometown of “The Simpsons” has its cross-town rival of Shelbyville, so too does Hyattsville have its Bladensburg. Except maybe Bladensburg is the ill-begotten Springfield in this scenario. From the Washington … Continue reading

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