Wind-Powered Homes in Hyattsville

We’ve noticed several people in the neighborhood display a blue sign in their yard that reads “I’m a Clean Energy Home.” Not sure what that meant, we did some research and here’s what we found out.

Clean Currents is a residential and commercial wind power supplier serving customers in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and a few other mid-Atlantic and northern states. Through Clean Currents, you can reduce your carbon footprint by switching to green power at competitive rates.

According to the website, here’s how it works:

* Residents of Maryland or D.C. can choose their electricity provider.
* No installation of equipment and no fees are required.
* Your local utility will continue to handle billing and service issues.
* There’s no change in the dependability of your power.

Clean Currents is the only energy company in the mid-Atlantic to exclusively offer Green-e Energy certified local and national wind power. You can enroll to start using either local or national wind power through just two easy steps on their website.

Once we learned about this program, we started seeing these clean energy signs in a bunch of places around town. It looks to be pretty popular in Hyattsville.

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2 Responses to Wind-Powered Homes in Hyattsville

  1. Jim Groves says:

    The other thing about Clean Currents is that if you sign up, be sure to put down “Hyattsville” in the area where it asks how you heard about Clean Currents. For every new subscriber, the City of Hyattsville gets $10 to use towards a sustainable/green project!! If anyone who is already a CC user wants a sign, let me know, I have about 10 of them I can bring to you!

  2. adelphi_sky says:

    My home has has gone solar. I always wondered who else in the area also went solar.

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