Ride the Purple Line

The Purple Line won’t open until 2020, but you can see what it will look like to ride it with this series of short videos.

Using a jerry-rigged dashboard cam, the Hyattsville Wire drove a section of the planned route from the New Carrollton stop to the College Park Metro stop. Except for a brief elevated section at Riverdale Park, the light-rail line will run on the street, so this isn’t too far off from what it will look like.

Each video is around two minutes long. To view the next video, click “Continue to the next stop” in the purple box at the end of the video. We’ll do the next leg of the Purple Line at a later date.

You can also watch these segments: New Carrollton to Annapolis Road, Annapolis Road to Beacon Heights, Beacon Heights to Riverdale Park, Riverdale Park to M Square and M Square to College Park Metro.

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One Response to Ride the Purple Line

  1. Chris Currie says:

    You almost made the entire run without stopping at a single red light! Which leads to these questions: Since the Purple Line will run mostly at street level, will it have to stop at intersections? Will it run in the travel lane (and get caught in traffic)?

    This interesting series of videos made me realize how little I really knew about the Purple Line …

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