Express: Hyattsville is Charming, Affordable


D.C. commuters saw some nice words about Hyattsville Wednesday.

A two-page spread in the “Hot Hoods” section of the Washington Post-produced Express commuter paper highlighted the Arts District, the local arts and restaurant scenes and the coming Whole Foods Market.

Metro has replaced streetcars, but the town remains charming and historic. And a recent flurry of real-estate development, including a new mixed-use area dubbed Arts District Hyattsville, is raising its profile and luring younger folks to the area — especially those looking to snag a home close to the District at a more charming price point.

The piece mostly focuses on the Arts District and the Historic District, with a few shoutouts to Riverdale Park, but it got most of the things we’d want to highlight in there. (It would have been cool to mention our diverse demographics and gay-friendly atmosphere too.)

And this afternoon, the Washington Post’s now Ezra Klein-less Wonkblog took notice of Hyattsville in a piece on the 20 ZIP codes in the U.S. where it’s cheaper to buy than rent, making good use of the same Arts District Hyattsville shot used in the Express story.

Unfortunately, it was another example of a not-really-Hyattsville story, as the ZIP Code on the list was in fact 20784, which is more like Landover Hills. (This was the same chart that led to the earlier “hipster flipping” story on WTOP.)

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