Route 1’s Habit Burger Has a Secret Menu

Habit Burger secret menu Riverdale Park

The newest addition to the Route 1 corridor’s burger scene also has a secret menu.

Habit Burger, which opened at Riverdale Park Station recently, has some popular off-menu items.

Two of the more popular options: A “Santa Barbara style” double char cheeseburger on grilled sourdough bread with grilled onions and ripe avocados, and a “half and half” made up of half onion rings and half French fries.

You can also order any burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, and there’s a Caesar salad secret menu option made with grilled albacore and teriyaki sauce.

Secret menus are a trend in the restaurant industry. You may recall that Elevation Burger in Hyattsville has a secret menu, which includes a BLT and a “thick and rare” burger. D.C. chain Five Guys, now located at the Mall at Prince Georges, also has a secret menu with items like a patty melt and a “burger bowl.”

Around the corner in the Shoppes at Arts District Hyattsville, fast casual Indian restaurant Spice 6 also has a secret menu item: a special hot sauce named for owner Vik Singh.

Then there’s Starbucks, which literally has an entire fan-made website devoted to its secret menu, and Chipotle, which offers items like a quesadilla and nachos¬†that you’d think would be on the regular menu. (McDonald’s also has a secret menu so secret you’ll probably have to argue with your server to order off it.)

Know of a secret menu on the Route 1 corridor not mentioned in this piece? Let us know in the comments.

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