University Park Gets Ready for Bike Rentals

University Park is getting ready for its own mBike rentals.

The town has started prep-work on two bike rental stations, one on Queens Chapel Road near Town Hall and the other at the intersection of College Heights Drive and Wells Parkway.

The 10 bikes at both stations will add to the 125 bikes at 14 stations in College Park and on the campus at the University of Maryland.

The mBike share system is run by Zagster, a competitor to the company behind the Capital Bikeshare program popular in D.C. which is expanding to Hyattsville and other spots along Route 1 next year.

But given that many faculty and staff for the college live in University Park, it may have made more sense for the town to link up with its northerly neighbor.

Along with the pending completion of the Trolley Trail through Riverdale Park, solid local bike shops in College Park and Hyattsville, the new bike share locations are helping turn the Route 1 area into a bicycling haven.

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2 Responses to University Park Gets Ready for Bike Rentals

  1. adelphi_sky says:

    Funny there are no plans for bike rentals in neighborhoods where transportation is needed most. University Park would be the last neighborhood I would think that needed a bike sharing program. Can’t the faculty and staff afford their own bikes?

    I live in the Cool Spring Terrace neighborhood and pass university students walking along the dangerous and winding Cool Spring Lane every day.

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