Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. Signs Lease

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A Belgian-inspired brewery is coming to Hyattsville.

Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. just announced it has signed a lease on a building up the street from Pizzeria Paradiso.

The space at 4824 Rhode Island is a former auto garage and it comes with two beautiful garage doors that open up and provide great indoor/outdoor brewing space. We’re looking forward to joining the growing community of makers and creatives in Hyattsville.

The brewery, which gets its name from the streetcar line that used to run up Rhode Island Avenue, was started by Gallaudet University graduates Jon Cetrano, Mark Burke and Sam Costner, who had returned to the D.C. area after working in other parts of the country.

On their website, the three say they chose Hyattsville because of the sense of community.

“We have the support of a large Deaf community, each of our neighborhoods (Eckington, Woodridge, and Hyattsville) has a unique, distinctive identity, and small town feel,” they wrote.

They’re living up to that promise already. They’ve brewed a Belgian Blond Ale with honey from the town’s own Hope Honey Farm and held a “Bikes and Beer” event with Arrow Bicycle just up the road.

Streetcar 82 is selling t-shirts with their logo (by Andres Otalora, a deaf graphic designer, and Route 66, a deaf-owned design and apparel company) on their website.

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