Why the Mall at Prince George’s Is Booming

Mall Prince George's Plaza shopping Hyattsville renovations

The American mall is in trouble, but the Mall at Prince George’s is not.

While analysts predict that about a third of U.S. malls will close in the next few years, Hyattsville’s shopping center is undergoing a $30 million renovation.

The mall, which opened in 1959, recently added tenants such as H&M and is also adding big name brands such as ULTA Beauty, Macy’s Backstage and Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Here are a few reasons why it’s escaping the fate of other malls:

Competition: Many of the malls that are in trouble face a newer competitor down the road. The nearest mall is Beltway Plaza Mall in Greenbelt, which has a much different market segment. Other malls in Wheaton and Bowie are a pretty far drive.

Anchor tenants: Many failing malls have lost an anchor tenant. But Prince George’s still has Macy’s, Target and J.C. Penney as main anchors, and Old Navy, T.J. Maxx, Ross Dress for Less and Marshall’s as secondary anchors.

Location: The most troubled malls are in suburban locations. But Hyattsville is not exactly suburban. The Mall at Prince George’s is across the street from a transit station and surrounded by apartments, including new high-end rentals, guaranteeing foot traffic.

The Mall at Prince George’s will need to continue innovating in order to face the threat posed by online shopping. Even with the renovations, it still hews pretty closely to the older model of giant parking lots, without the open-air plazas and promenades that some redesigned shopping centers now feature.

But for now, it’s booming.

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3 Responses to Why the Mall at Prince George’s Is Booming

  1. adelphi_sky says:

    I wish they would convert the half circle and front vehicle entrance into a plaza where people can walk to and from the metro station. The parking lot around the mall is still created for vehicles and not pedestrians which encourages people to drive instead of walk.

  2. Neighbor says:

    What this mall has needed for years is a place for parents with young children to gather. Free indoor play spaces are a draw for parents who linger (and spend) … especially in cold/hot weather extremes. The Annapolis Mall does this so well! Family bathrooms with dedicated nursing areas, soft play spaces, and drop-in pay-as-you-go KidCare. PG Mall would really benefit by catering to families with young children. We visit both malls, but I know which one my kids are more likely to be happy about visiting with me … and that makes me more likely to make the trek vs. our local option.

  3. Andrea Kenner says:

    I wish they would make it easier to enter and leave the parking lot. The traffic trying to get in or out is horrendous!

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