The Best Places to Eat Halal Along Route 1


Ramadan mubarak! If you’re celebrating the Islamic holy month, you might be looking for a good place to eat halal on the Route 1 corridor.

Even if you aren’t Muslim — or aren’t familiar with the practice of fasting during daylight hours — you might be curious about halal meat, which is prepared more humanely and some argue is healthier.

According to the website Zabihah, which tracks halal restaurants, there are actually quite a few options on the Route 1 corridor, likely due to the sizable Muslim population in Prince George’s County.

Aladdin Sizzler: The owners of this Mount Rainier restaurant, which serves everything from gyros to calzones, are Muslim and all meat is halal.

Elevation Burger: The Arlington-based burger chain, which has a location in Arts District Hyattsville, has long served halal beef, which it advertises on the door.

Spice 6: The fast-casual Indian chain, which also has a location in the Arts District, also serves halal meat, which is not uncommon for Indian restaurants.

Busboys and Poets: The hip D.C. chain, which helped bring attention to the area when it came to the Arts District, has some halal items on its menu.

Atomic Wings: The New York-based Buffalo chicken wings chain, which has a Hyattsville location, has been certified as offering halal meat.

• Krazi Kebob: Offering a mix of Indian and Pakistani food, the College Park restaurant is a favorite for University of Maryland students who are keeping halal.

• Pizza Kingdom: An independent pizza place right next to Krazi Kebob, Pizza Kingdom also offers halal meat options.

Moby Dick: The D.C.-based Persian chain, which has an outpost on the University of Maryland campus, has halal items on its menu.

Pizza Roma: This College Park pizza joint is also run by Muslim business owners who use halal meat on all menu items.

In addition to these places, there are a number of halal restaurants in surrounding areas, including Silver Diner in Greenbelt and Señor Chicken in Bladensburg.

Halal meat may seem like a niche market, but it’s not. In fact, the most-read news item on the Hyattsville Wire — by a huge margin — was about a local restaurant serving halal meat that went viral on halal message boards.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Sayid Mohammad says:

    Legends chicken and waffles is known as one of the best in the DMV full zabiha halal Menu I been going here for three years and it’s been always packed you can call in your orders they cater big time they did our events best service serving the best fried chicken philly steaks ny style chicken rice and lamb platters seafood and gyros they been around for decades from New York and Baltimore now in the dmv highly recommend this place for my muslim brothers and sisters

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