Sangfroid Distilling to Open This Weekend

Courtesy of Sangfroid Distilling

Sangfroid Distilling will have a soft opening this weekend in Hyattsville with opening hours from 11:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, December 22 and Sunday, December 23. They’ll be offering tours and tastings beginning at noon and running every 30 minutes with the last tour starting at 3:30 p.m.

Located at 5130 Baltimore Ave., right next to Tanglewood Works, the distillery will slowly expand its hours over the coming weeks, with an official opening in 2019.

Run by brothers-in-law Nate Groenendyk and Jeff Harner, Sangfroid will have Dutch-style gin and limited supplies of pear brandy at its opening.

“Our apple brandy and rye whiskey are spending some time in barrels now, and we hope to have those available later in 2019,” the co-owners told the Hyattsville Wire.

Harner owns a 45-acre farm in Western Maryland with a number of 80-year-old red delicious and yellow delicious trees that he’s been grafting heritage varieties like Ashmeads Kernel, Arkansas Black and Limbertwig for use in Sangfroid brandies.”We can be really precise in controlling temperatures during distillation, and it was very surprising to see how one-tenth of a degree change can really influence the flavors we pull, especially for our fruit brandies,” they added.

This is the first distillery to open in Prince George’s County since prohibition, nearly 100 years ago. 

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