Vegan Soul Food Cafe Headed to Mount Rainier

A vegan soul food bakery and restaurant is coming to the former location of Bird Kitchen and Cocktails in Mount Rainier.

After a successful launch at Tastemakers food hall in Brookland, Dodah’s Kitchen Cafe will move into the space at 3801 34th St. on the roundabout in the middle of town.

The cafe features menu items like a vegan macaroni and cheese made with soy milk and nutritional yeast, lasagna and meatless meatloaf and desserts like a vegan cheesecake made with organic tofu and various cookies and cakes.

You can already buy Dodah’s desserts up the street at the Glut co-op grocery and at Mom’s and Yes! Organic Market.

The cafe was started by area residents Janice Cheaver, Edwin Lottie and Gary Feld, with recipes based on Cheaver’s upbringing in Florida and her faith as an African Hebrew Israelite, a religious sect that is vegan, encourages raw and sugar-free food and discourages alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Dodah’s — named for Cheaver’s nickname, which is aunt in Hebrew — will not be the only vegan soul food eatery in Mount Rainier, either. Sweet and Natural is just up the street.

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7 Responses to Vegan Soul Food Cafe Headed to Mount Rainier

  1. Ruby Sabina says:

    This seems like such a silly addition. Sweet and natural has this market covered in mount rainier. I don’t get it at all.

  2. Robin says:

    Why is it silly to have options? Everyone does not want to go to one place. Choices are good.

  3. Ruby Sabina says:

    Why? Because the city of mount rainier hasn’t been able to successfully sustain one restaurant, now they’re about to have three, which will serve the same type of food for the most part. It isn’t a very walkable city and parking options are scarce, making these establishments really difficult to thrive there and so far it hasn’t gone well.

    Also, it isn’t silly to have options, but there are reasons why most chain restaurants do studies before choosing locations. Sweet green for example won’t put in a location if another successful salad place is within X amount of distance. It’s just silly business to think two of the same type of restaurant within a block of each other won’t just take away each other’s business, being detrimental to both in the end.

  4. adelphi_sky says:

    @Ruby Two of the same restaurants close to each other depends on demand. You have to think of supply and demand, not just homogeneous products. There’s obviously a demand for pizza and Asian food in College Park because you see three Asian food restaurants on the same block. How much Ramen and bubble tea can one person eat in a week?

    If there is a demand for Vegan food in Mount Rainier, the three restaurants will do just fine. Will they make a killing? Probably not. And the one with the best food and customer service should win out. But right now, the new restaurant obviously sees lack of supply to meet demand. If they can differentiate their Vegan products with quality and good service, they will do fine.

  5. Kristy says:

    We’d like to have a organic vegan restaurant in Bowie, Waldorf, Fort Washington, Glendale, etc.

  6. felecia says:

    different city Chicago, little parking but there are bus stops.
    I’m referring to Soul Vegetarian Restaurant owned by an Hebrew Israelite group and is located in our ” hood” this take out /sit in restaurant combo business stays busy and has for at least twenty years. As an accompaniment they serve the best vegan ice cream & bakery goods…plus smoothies and fresh veggie juice…yum yum.
    Many people call ahead of time order their lunches & dinners and dash home or back to work.
    Sooo…there is a business format in place and great recipes…please embrace and support them.

  7. Auset says:

    As a long-vegan & resident of Mt, Rainier, I am soooo happy for this addition. And, NO, it is definitely not market saturation. Perhaps having more than one option will force other vegan restaurants to upgrade their product. One restaurant definitely does not have the vegan food market covered. Best of luck, Dodah!

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