Southeastern Roastery Needs Help to Open

Photo courtesy of Southeastern Roastery

Specialty coffee company Southeastern Roastery has launched a Kickstarter to help cover costs for its planned move to Riverdale Park.

In a video on the fundraising site, owner and head roaster Candy Schibli explained that she is trying to combine roasting, packaging and retail operations currently in D.C. and Williamsburg, Va.

A regular at the Riverdale Park Farmer’s Market, Southeastern is looking to move to a building at 4701 Queensbury Ave., formerly the home of the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation.

But Schibli said the build-out will cost about $300,000 more than she has lined up, so she’s looking at loans, grants and the Kickstarter for options.

“We’ll use these funds to install our plumbing and HVAC, upgrade our electricity, install fire rated dry-wall, our roasters, light fixtures, seating, etc.” she wrote. “Inside this family-friendly safe-space cafe, we will open for coffee cuppings, work-space, local author sessions and books, outdoor meet-ups, community based foods and goods, community driven demos and talks.”

Southeastern roasts about 250 to 300 pounds of coffee a month for clients such as Village Cafe at Union Market.

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  1. Pamela Wolf says:

    I really wish this was in Hyattsville where I know they give grants to fix dilapidated buildings. Does Riverdale have a something similar? There has got to be an incentive for a much needed small businesses like this.

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